Monday, May 23, 2005


Backing who? Why?

We have been sitting on this info for a while because we didn’t want to blow our cover. We believe enough people either know or have figured it out, we can now connect some of the dots.

Gov. Doug-always-less has decided to back I need a new job Dubie over don’t Rainville on my parade for congress.

As we stated before, I need a new job Dubie will run for congress and now he has Douglas’ backing. Why would he do such a thing, you ask? Because Dubie would win a primary but a primary would cost the Republicans a chance at the seat.

Some background is in order:

Dubie has rounded up the “troops” and are already sticking it to Rainville in letters to the editors, in the newspaper editorial rooms, an in a whisper campaign about how Rainville will be putting troops in harms way by running for congress and being General at the same time.

It was Douglas’ idea to put the seat belt public service announcements back on TV featuring Dubie to give him some free commercials, help top off his name recognition, and provide people with some warm thoughts about Dubie. (it is a pretty big, lengthy buy)

It was Dubie’s idea, but Douglas has agreed, to appoint Dubie’s brother, Mike Dubie guard General if and when there is an opening through Rainville’s resigning (or really any reason). This really, really irks Rainville because she does not think Mike is the right person for the job. (The legislature would get their say later)

Dubie promises to NEVER run for Senate if Douglas wants the chance in future cycles.

There are other conditions we'll save for another day.

All historical primary voting data points to Dubie not Rainville winning a primary.

Plus, a native Vermonter, who is pro-life, pro-Christian, pro-Bush, married with kids, who has put in his time in the Republican party, run and won state-wide, and can fundraise,
an out-of-stater, pro-choice, brand new Republican, divorcee, who has never run or won an election of regular Vermonters and who hates asking people for money, every single time in a Republican primary.

Then there is the matter of a little poll that was taken; you can read about that below.

So after Dubie convinced Douglas that he was going to run regardless of Rainville, Douglas thought it would be best to back the likely primary winner, and try his best to prevent a primary.

Which is very important because a Dubie vs. Rainville primary we be expensive and very ugly because there is no love loss between the two. Frankly the two are very, very hostile to each other behind each other’s back. (stab, stab, stab)
I think you're a fraud. This is a ridiculous scenario. If it doesn't pan out, you should stop calling yourself an "insider"
Very interesting...the Bureau is interested in how you got this information since your an insider.

We at PoliticsVT know of Gen. Rainville's criticism's of Lt. Gov. Dubie over a fundraising event that occured during the Democratic Primary for Lt. Governor.

We didn't realize that this was a rocky relationship. Our sources, certainly don't know much about it.

However, it is still an interesting scenario. PoliticsVT doesn't go into hypothetical scenario's because we would need all the facts. But your ideas are very interesting, none the less.
We hope our recent post and our post over at 802 helps answer your questions.

As for Dubie and Rainville, the tension has been growing even before the fundraising incident. They keep it close to their vests most of the time. They really don’t gain anything by trashing each other to people too much, but if you get either on the right day, you’ll hear it.
I made a comment over at Cathy's 802Online and I don't want to be in a position of talking behind your back, so I'll restate my criticism here.

I find that your reporting seems mean. I resent the names you have for people. My position is, disagree with policy all you want. Criticize positions. But there is no need for ad hominem attacks or innuendo that often, in my mind, comes close to slander.

And there is no reason to not respect the position that a person holds by using their official title.

I happen to have worked with Lt Gov Dubie in the past (in a non-political workplace) and I know him to be a really nice guy with a wife and kids and probably pets.

Disagree with his politics but there is no need to call him, or anyone, names.

I see little, if any, discussion of policy and ideas. Convince me that your position on a policy is better than your opponents. Don't deride people and then avoid the policy discussion.

That, to me, is gutter politics, if you can call it politics at all.
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