Friday, July 01, 2005


Ending Posts

Due to a threat made against one of our family members, we feel the need to stop posts. We will see what the future holds.

Thursday, June 23, 2005



Has anyone else noticed that Gen. Rainville does not have an answer for this? We have tried to help by talking with some of her closer associates about this problem. We are feeling a little ignored at the moment. So we thought we'd throw it out to you. Ideas or suggestion on how Gen. Rainville can "handle" this problem? Leave a comment.

Do one thing

The people of Enosburg Falls were proud and happy to welcome Adjutant Gen. Martha Rainville recently as a marshal of the Dairy Days parade. We have more than 60 men serving in Iraq and we applaud her leadership.

What concerns me, however, as a resident of Vermont and supporter of our National Guard troops, is Rainville's stated intention to run for Congress while still serving as adjutant general of the Vermont National Guard. Her work for the Guard deserves her full attention.

Moreover, in August, in reference to a planned political event by Lt. Gov. Brian Dubie at a fund-raiser for National Guard families, Martha Rainville was quoted as saying: "It is very important for everyone to realize that support for guard families is nonpartisan. Anything that would connect the guard family to politics, even by perception, could be damaging to the families." If she really believes that, she should certainly not mix Guard service with politics by running for Congress while still commanding Vermont's Guard.


Enosburg Falls

Monday, June 20, 2005


Dubie Dubie Do

Sorry we have been gone for so long. It was just a little too “hot” for us in the kitchen so we needed to get out for a bit. But we are back and better than ever.

Lots have happened in the last couple of weeks. Including the trend of Brian Dubie setting up his Congressional race and more forces being marshaled against Gen. Rainville.

The news of Speaker Hastert in town was reported just a little late by the mainstream. What we find interesting is the assumption that Hastert was here to meet with Gen. Rainville. In reality, the true nature of Hastert’s visit was a recruiting trip of Brian Dubie. Hastert’s choice to run for congress is Dubie. Oh, and to raise a little money, never forget the money.

Why? Because Gen. Rainville indicated to Hastert in DC that she was not willing to step down from her General position. Her argument is that she is an elected leader just like Governor, Treaurer, State Senator etc… And it would be perfectly acceptable for any of these positions to run for congress and still serve in office. She feels she is being held to a higher standard and that it would be different if she was of the opposite sex.

Hastert’s response is to recruit Brian Dubie, so you see what he thinks of that argument.

Hastert, like us, doesn’t think Vermonters will buy that argument. Gen. Rainville will be in Mississippi this week to see a couple of hundred Guardspeople off to Iraq. And that is the very reason why being General isn’t the same as other elected positions. No other job has the sole responsibility of the welfare of the lives of Vermonters quite like being General.

It may be a double standard, but that just shows the naiveté of Gen. Rainville and her supporters. Politics aren’t fair, get used to it.

Dubie is feeling pretty good about himself right now. Being lobbied by everyone, offered more money than Vermont has ever seen and calls from the White House (Andrew Card not GW yet), Congressional leaders and US GOP Senators. Pretty heady stuff, and we might say it is going to his head just a little.

On the other side.

The worst kept secret in Vermont is Senate Welch’s will run for congress. The details are not done but look for an announcement next week, probably Wednesday. We still say we were right at the time and Welch has changed his mind.

The real scramble is what to do with Peter Shumlin. He is not willing to listen to anyone and the more frightening fact is why hasn’t anyone called him. The lack of communication is going to have this thing blow-up.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Has it begun?

Re-reading some of the posts we appear, at least to us, to be a little bias against General Rainville. We hate to continue this trend but we have no other choice. Some pretty big forces have been marshaled against her. They all stem from the simple charge of how can General Rainville run for congress and lead the Vermont National Guard.

Is General Rainville putting a single troop in harms way by not being totally, solely, focused on her job?

And, heaven for bid, something did happen while she was campaigning, could General Rainville forgive herself, and would the people of Vermont forgive her?

Below is a script for either a TV or radio ad that has been circulating for revising and editing. It still needs a lot of work but we think you’ll get the idea. Also note it is constructed so a PAC or 527 could run it instead of a candidate.

Narrator #1(Male): For 367 years the men and women of the Vermont National Guard have served our state and our national with pride, bravery, and dignity. Many have even given the ultimate sacrifice.

Narrator #2 (Female): Our current General, Martha Rainville, has done a magnificent job in her term. We share her belief that no matter what our troops and thier families need all of our support.

Narrator #1 or concerned citizens or guards people or their family: But General Rainville is mixing politics and safety of our troops. While running for congress is an admiral, it will get in the way of keeping our troops safe.

Narrator #2: Call General Rainville and tell her that she should concentrate on protecting our troops and NOT playing politics!

Friday, May 27, 2005


Cafeteria hearing

We recently were in the statehouse cafeteria and had the privilege of talking with some very friendly outspoken folks. What they said led us to some digging, what follows is the result.

As we posted earlier, Lt. Gov. Dubie has cut a deal with Gov. Douglas to clear the field for his impending congressional run. We know this decision by both Dubie and Douglas more than ruffled the feathers of many, most importantly, General Rainville, but we never would have guessed this one.

GOP Chairman Barnett, former staff and hand picked chairman of Douglas, is OUTRAGED. He is holding it in, for now, so much so, he has not even spoken directly to Douglas about it. Oh, they have had conversations about the congressional race, but the rift between the two is growing and manifesting in other ways.

Barnett labeled as “mad dog” or “little Karl Rove” clearly has a more conservative bent to him especially on federal issues than his mentor Douglas. His vicious attacks on all non-Republicans have earned him a well-deserved reputation. His reputation of hard work, extraordinary research skills, and winning are also well-deserved.

So it is a bit surprising that Barnett has decided to go to the mat for another moderate, Rainville, over the conservative Dubie. For Barnett it is all about winning. He believes Rainville will win. Dubie is at best a 50/50 bet.

Barnett is worried about his own legacy as much and Douglas’. If Barnett had his way, he’d leave the state after this election cycle with only one Democrat standing for major statewide office, Sen. Leahy. Not bad in such a liberal state.

The real problems start for all parties involved, Douglas, Dubie, Barnett, and Rainville, when Barnett started ignoring his duty of being an impartial chairman. So far Barnett has been “caught” twice actively helping Rainville even with the knowledge that Dubie is going to run. Dubie is a “little confused” by the whole situation. His understanding of what happened and what is happening is very little. So much so, he has started looking at possibilities of trying to get “his own guy” into GOP HQ.

If anything, our impression is this is a bigger deal to everyone involved than stated above or we really know. We’ll continue do some digging but Barnett and Douglas are defiantly working at cross-purposes for the first time ever. At least working against each other for the first time when it wasn’t scripted. As everyone knows they are the best good cop, bad cop combination Vermont has ever seen.

On the Democratic side, the grumbling is more about Chairman Mallary and his style, especially at the statehouse. As Mallary is only an interim chairman, some have begun looking for a replacement. No real takers yet, but lots of names.

Finally, we have posted that Sen. Welch is not running for congress. More and more, we think we are being played, along with everyone else. We aren’t ready to come out and say Welch is now running but we will say Sen. Welch is doing a magnificent misinformation campaign. Or he has just flip-flopped so many times in his own head he doesn’t know either.

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